How to propose to a lady and have her say yes to you

This one is for the guys. Dating is not as easy as simple addition, yet it isn’t so much of a calculus. Dating is a world of its own: it can be hard for a person who ignores the perfect advice, yet easy for the other who pays attention.

Like I said in a previous article here, dating has no perfect formula but it does have rules. Rules you need to pay attention to in order to achieve intentional results and find fulfilment.

Proposal doesn’t have to be done by a guy, but since we still have well over 95% of it done by them in our society, I’ll zoom in on guys. Rule 1 is to know that it comes in all forms and means for respective couples. The perfect trick for person A might as well be the undoing of B. So remember that it will be always different in your situation. Rule 2 and last: do your homework well before you propose. You don’t want to be too forward and assuming, neither do you want to disrespect your other. So, ensure you peruse carefully what she’ll want, and how. Then, of course, STRIKE!

The last thing you want happening to you is to pop the question and have her say No to you. So what do you do? make sure you’re convinced that she’s the right person for you and that you can be happy around her for the rest of your life. you don’t want to go proposing to a lady you just met and have had no good communication links with her or a lady that gives every hint that she’s not ready for a marriage just yet.

Also, if she acts weird around the topic of spending the future together or getting married, you might want to hold off a little bit till you get positive signs she’s into you.
That’s key to having a romantic experience with or without a diamond engagement ring.

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