How to plan a wedding in Nigeria with steps?


Planning a Nigerian wedding doesn’t have to be rocket science, though one must prepare well.

FINANCIAL PREPARATION is the most important ingredient in planning for a wedding. Its not all about impressing your spouse, relatives, or guests to the point you cannot afford. On the flip side also, you can’t just sit down and do nothing, leaving it all to chance. NO! preparation is the key.

To have a wedding, you must first consider your income, savings, investments first. You can then think of what you may likely get from Parents, Uncles and Aunties, Friends, Colleagues etc; but you must not base your planning majorly on them.

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-How much time do we have until the set date—have you set a date? ;

-What’s our income level? How much can you raise before the time?

-How much support are you likely to get?

-What’s the rough estimate of how much you’ll be needing? Ranging from feeding to venue, clothings, decoration, pictures, videos, MCs, music and sound etc.

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And what comes next when the reception is over? These are serious questions you must consider with your spouse to plan a wedding effectively. Mind you, it’s you and your spouse. It Goes without saying that you shouldn’t be working alone—that’s not a good sign.

Everything from wedding dresses, to photography, reception, rings, wedding shoes and songs, wedding venue, cards, veil, and hairstyle—to the endless list. You can adequately cover them on a good wedding planner. From the engagement moment to the honeymoon and to the first wedding anniversary, you can’t cram them up in the head. Having a great plan down on paper can come useful.

Hers’s a stepwise list to guide your thinking and preparation—over a 6 month to 1-year timeline. The 6 months to 1-year time is the same interval known as the engagement period. Usually, you’d start a typical wedding planning when the engagement has been done.

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Step 1: Preliminaries. This phase or step covers all the initial negotiations between both families. Marriage is a joining of two families, not just a union of two people. Hence, this is a crucial step in the process. Both families must negotiate in advance what roles and parts they’ll each play. As a rule of thumb, communication between each family
and partner will be your lifeline through the entire process.

Step 2: Feasibility findings. This is a step most people won’t add to a list. The idea is, once a tentative agreement has been reached, and a wedding is in view already, I’d advise you hit the markets and make all necessary findings about everything from transport costs, to event halls and lodgings, to foods and cakes and drinks.

Step 3: Fix the Date. To plan smartly and based on realistic objectives, a date has to be set. It must not be so short that it mounts unnecessary pressure on the parties, nor so long that the wait isn’t going to be easy.

Step 4: Budget. A typical Nigerian wedding consists of two parts, the traditional and the white weddings—which further consists of the Church wedding and the reception or wedding party. Some people run both on the same weekends, others at separate dates apart. There’s no hard and fast rule. Stay with the option that works for you. Whether it be a low budget, moderate, or high one, you must both figure that the wedding is just a
day. And life afterward is what matters the most. Auto Europe Car Rentals Factors that determine budget revolve around distance between both families and location for the wedding, number of expected attendees, special guests, cost of wedding dresses with cakes and rings, photo/video, MC. Etc.

Step 5: Priorities. To have a wedding, your keyword is preparation. To prepare well, the keyword is priority. To one couple, videos and wedding photography photos rank higher than wedding songs. So they’ll spend more on the former. Remember: borrowing is never advisable. You want to spend your first year with your spouse in rest of mind.

Step 6: Life After Wedding. This is crucial and some people ignore it. Wedding is for a day, marriage is for a lifetime. So never overspend on wedding to the degree it affects your intended marriage life.

Step 7: Wedding Investment. That’s a powerful key. Invest. You don’t have to borrow nor spend all your life’s savings. Great investment opportunities lie all around you. one friend I know put his money into Forex trading 9 months to the time and more than tripled it. It was just simple wisdom. I’d advise you save for your wedding and invest for life after. Remember, the wedding day is just the starting point of a life time event.

Does this work for you? Let me know in the comment below.

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